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Прецизионный токарный автомат MIYANO LZ01

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Прецизионный токарный автомат MIYANO LZ01
Прецизионный токарный автомат MIYANO LZ01 Под заказ
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These are high-precision chucking machines equipped with a general-purpose in-machine loader head. The loading time is shortened substantially through coordinated operation of the loader head and spindle. By constructing the turret with a single slide in the Y axis direction only (01RY), and by assigning the X axis and the Z axis that runs on a linear guide to the spindle, both rigidity and high-speed travel are achieved. The enriched system configuration designed based on the loader head accommodates a wide range of automation needs.

Technical Data
Item              LZ-01RY2               LZ01
Max. work length   80 mm
Max. blank diameter    
Power chuck   Ø70 mm
Collet chuck   Ø50 mm
Number of spindle   1
Spindle speed range   60–6,000 min-1
Inner diameter of draw tube   Ø 32 mm
Number of turret   1
Turret stations   12 st
I.D. tool hole size   Ø 25 mm
Tool shank size   20 mm2
Slide stroke X-axis   245 mm
Z-axis   240 mm
Rapid traverse rate X-axis   20 m/min
Rapid traverse rate Z-axis   24 m/min
Spindle motor 50% ED/Cont   7,5/5,5kW
Revolving tool motor   2.5 kW
Weight   3600 kg
Производитель   Citizen
Состояние Новое
Дополнительный сервис   Установка, Сервисное обслуживание, Обучение
ЧПУ   Да
Страна производитель Япония
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