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Автомат продольного точения CITIZEN R04

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Автомат продольного точения CITIZEN R04
Автомат продольного точения CITIZEN R04Под заказ
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+375 (29) 630-06-97

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For machining watch parts, probe/connector pins, medical parts and other ultra-small-diameter components, we completely reviewed the machine construction in pursuit of ‘the ideal machine’ with ”true-ease-of-use”. A 20,000 min-1 spindle achieves the optimum cutting speed for the workpiece. This in combination with a tool post integrated with the guide bushing mount to suppress thermal displacement and feed axis drives combining linear and servo motors help to maximise accuracy, compactness and low energy consumption. Cincom’s solution for machining ultra-small-diameter parts is here.


  • Rigid, thermally stable construction.
  • Your solution for machining ultra-small-diameter parts.
  • Convenient operation.


Technical Data
Item Cincom R04
Max. machining diameter (D) 1 mm / 4 mm dia.
Maximum collectable part length 20 mm / 40 mm
Motor for spindle drive 0.5/ 0.75 kW
Spindle speed Max. 8,000 min-1
Spindle through-hole diameter 10 mm dia.
Angetriebene Werkzeuge an Vertikalhalter 2
Number of tools mountable 17
Turning tool 7
Front drilling tool 4
Back drilling tool 4
Rapid feed rate - All axes 30 m/ min
Machine footprint 1,465 × 535 × 1,633 mm
Center height 1.000mm
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