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Автомат продольного точения CITIZEN K16E

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clockОтправка с 06 июня 2024
Автомат продольного точения CITIZEN K16E
Автомат продольного точения CITIZEN K16EПод заказ
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+375 (29) 630-06-97

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Mixed production makes high demands on the flexibility, performance and efficiency of a machine. The Cincom K series proves its worth in every aspect. Its particular strength lies in the production of high-accuracy complex parts up to 16 mm diameter in small to medium batch sizes. Next to short set-up times, the K series also offers high productivity & efficiency thanks to faster rapid feed rates, improved axis deceleration/acceleration times of the axes, and faster program processing provided by the new control system. A rigid machine bed combined with exceptional thermal stability ensures the precision of the machine. Due to the flexible modular tool holder system, holders for virtually any application are available. With its small footprint of just 1.13 x 1.88 m, this machine offers a very compact and space-saving design. Citizen’s renowned ease-of-use ensures fast set-ups and rapid changeovers.


  • Up to 23 tools - To meet the trend to produce complex parts on a lower cost machine
  • Flexible tooling layout - Up to 8 rotary tools can be mounted including cross drilling/milling, face drilling & slitting
  • Now with back slitting and back cross drilling capability - Same holder is adaptable for both slitting and cross drilling
  • Faster processing - New control delivers significant cycle time savings for complex parts
  • Citizen’s renowned ease of use - Citizen is the machine of choice for fast set-ups and changeovers. The new control and user interface makes using the K series even easier than before
  • Citizen’s unique Cincom Control cuts non-cutting time to a minimum - Citizen’s dynamic software development leads the swiss type/sliding head sector
  • Rigid and compact - The acclaimed rigid but compact construction of the previous K series is carried forward with the K12/16E
  • High speed spindle - 15,000rpm main spindle is standard on both K12 and K16 models
  • Improved back spindle torque - The back spindle has improved torque at low rpm


Technical Data
Item Cincom K16E
Maximum machining diameter (D) [mm] 16
Maximum machining length (L) [mm] 200
Spindle drive [kW] 3,7
Main spindle speed [U/min] 15.000
Maximum protrusion length [mm] 80
Back spindle speed [U/min] 10.000
Spindle speed of the gang rotary tool (Rating) [U/min] 6.000
Gang tool post rotary tool drive [kW] 0,4
Number of tools to be mounted 23 (Max)
Turning tools on the gang tool post 6~7
Cross rotary tools 4~8
Rotary tools for front drilling 4
Tools for front drilling 3~4
Rapid feed rate
X1 and Y1 axes [m/min] 34
Z1, X2 and Z2 axes [m/min] 32
Dimensions [mm] 1.700 x 1.010
Center height [mm] 1.050
Weight [kg] 2.050
Производитель Citizen
Страна производительЯпония
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